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Helping entrepreneurs plan and build.

Practice Areas



Angus Management can assist with your critical strategy, finance and corporate development needs.

Owing to the integrative nature of our work, the services detailed below reflect the significant interdependencies between our practice areas. Of note here, many of our recent assignments have been in the high tech sector.

Within our practice areas, we offer the following services:

>Corporate Finance
>Financial Management
>Client Secondment

Angus Management also provides select additional services including:

  • Negotiations support major supplier or customer contracts, strategic alliances and investor funding
  • Confidential shareholder and Board of Director assignments
  • Management and organizational reviews
  • Business/deal assessments
  • Feasibility studies
  • Mentoring of entrepreneurs and senior executives
  • Advisory board participation

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Strategy Services.

Angus Management can assist you in initial strategy development or in its ongoing review and assessment. Key strategy areas where we can help include:

  • Marketing strategy
  • Market/Competitive positioning
  • Revenue model
  • Channel strategy
  • Sales and margin objectives
  • Operations strategy
  • Business model
  • R&D strategy
  • Intellectual property strategy
  • Technology strategy (IT, operations, manufacturing, etc.)
  • Staffing, systems and infrastructure strategy
  • Strategic alliance strategy
  • Financial strategy
  • Corporate structure
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Marketing Services.

Angus Management can assist you directly with initial marketing planning or in its ongoing review and assessment. Key marketing areas where we can help include:

  • Market research
  • Market identification, size and segmentation
  • Customer needs identification
  • Competitive analysis and positioning
  • Channels
  • Value proposition
  • Revenue model
  • Market/competitive positioning including branding
  • Channel strategy
  • Marketing strategy
  • Marketing plan including sales projections and margins
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Corporate Finance Services.

Angus Management can assist you in corporate finance planning and its execution, or in its ongoing review and assessment. Key corporate finance areas where we can help include:

  • Operations and capital budgets
  • Financial projections
  • Capital market assessments
  • Financial strategy
  • Financial plan
  • Valuation
  • Business Plan, Corporate Profile, Term Sheet and related documentation
  • Investor due diligence preparations
  • Investor sourcing
  • Investor presentations
  • Reorganizations, share and debt restructuring
  • Mergers and acquisitions
    - Target identification
    - Pre- and post- event planning
    - Due diligence assistance
    - Corporate, systems and staffing integration

    Financial plan prerequisites
    - Marketing plan strategy & market research; revenue model
    - Sales projections and margins
    - Business model; Operations strategy & plan
    - R&D strategy & plan
    - Intellectual property strategy & plan
    - Technology strategy & plan IT, operations, manufacturing, etc.
    - Strategic alliance strategy
    - Staffing & organizational development
    - Corporate structure
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Financial Management Services.

Angus Management can assist in initial financial management planning, its execution, or in its ongoing review and assessment. Key financial management areas where we can help include:

  • Financial accounting and control systems
  • Cash flow management
  • Financial statement preparation
  • Management reporting
  • Financial & regulatory reporting
  • Regulatory filings
  • Financial audit
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Client Secondment Services.

If additional management depth is needed, we can assist through client secondment in an interim role, as follows:

  • Interim COO or CFO:
  • Start-up or growth management
  • Crisis, recovery or reorganization management
  • Temporary management roles providing strategy, marketing, corporate finance or financial management assistance
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