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Corporate Finance  

When well executed, it is corporate finance that provides the funding. Thus it is key to creating market-leading ROI and shareholder value.

From assistance in developing effective marketing and operations plans, through to sound budgeting of capital and operating needs, we can help you to quantify the shareholder value to be created, its funding requirements and ROI. Typically, the creation of shareholder value is financed by outside capital. Accordingly, the type of funding sought must be carefully matched to the opportunity and to prevailing capital market conditions. What is best for the deal? Secured or unsecured? Debt or equity? Public or private? Seed, angel, venture or sub-debt capital? Why?

For internal funding (i.e. where projects compete for funding within an organisation) we can help you ensure that the relative project costs, benefits and ROI's are properly and completely identified.

Mergers and acquisitions

Mergers and acquisitions can be an effective strategy for growth and wealth creation. Angus Management has relevant hands-on experience here and can assist in a variety of ways including: target identification, due diligence assessment, valuations, financing, pre- and post-event planning and execution, and in corporate, systems and staffing integration.

Business Plan

Successful fund-raising requires a compelling business plan and supporting documentation. While the business plan's primary role is as a sales tool in the hunt for money, it should also serve as a guiding road map for management and staff. It is an absolute prerequisite to properly prepared and well-delivered funding presentations. It summarizes the key fundamentals and strategy, market prospects and growth potential, revenue and business models, resource commitments, financial projections, risks, returns, funding requirements, ROI and, through the financing plan, implied valuation.

Investor Due Diligence

The key to success with investors is in proving market-leading “value” creation. This requires depth and sophistication in the corporate finance function. We can help you here, and with related investor due diligence preparations, and in the process of sourcing outside funding.

Are you "investor-ready"? Can you prove it, and not just survive, but actually excel at the due diligence game? After getting funding, can you really make it happen, and manage to plan?

Let us help you get it right, and in communicating it. Contact Us today.

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