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Provided below is a listing of select industry contacts with their Web site links.

Planning and building a successful venture takes more than just the right staff. Your team should include the right outside advisors, service providers, consultants and other parties who can add real value.

To find out more about these organizations, to request addition to this page, or to inform us of any broken links, please contact us at info@angusmanagement.com.


  • BC Securities Commission (Securities Law & Policies) – links to the BC Securities Act, Rules and Regulations, and to BC Securities Commission policies and instruments.
  • Capital Connector – links to select local funding sources as listed on the T-Net Web site (see also T-Net below under Technology Organizations).
  • Money Links – a HiTechBC web page provided by Mike Volker (founder of the Vancouver Angel Network) detailing “money links for B.C. Technology Companies” (see also HiTechBC below under Technology Organizations).
  • Money Resources – a Vancouver Enterprise Forum web page providing web links to select local funding sources (see also VEF below under Technology Organizations).
  • Pender West Capital Partners – provides capital market and advisory services for private equity clients in western Canada and the US.
  • Small Business BC (Financing Resources) – information on and links to a broad variety of financing resources as provided on the Small Business BC web site (see also Small Business BC below under Government and Other Resources).


  • Lang Michener LLP – a full-service, national firm, serving a broad range of diverse client needs ranging from the hi-tech sector through to advising on dealings with the federal government and its institutions.
  • Oyen Wiggs Green & Mutala LLP – the largest firm in Western Canada engaged exclusively in the practice of intellectual property law.
  • Salley Bowes Harwardt – serving the corporate finance needs of high tech, industrial and resource sector companies.


  • BC Innovation Council (ex-Advanced Systems Institute) – promoting the BC high tech sector by fostering academic and industry collaboration through funding programs, the ASI Business Advisory Board, and the annual ASI Exchange conference, which showcases the high tech sector.
  • BC MedTech (British Columbia Medical Technology Industry Association) – promoting the BC medical technology industry through education, networking and marketing.
  • BCTIA (British Columbia Technology Industry Association) – which is dedicated to fostering growth and development in the BC technology industry and member companies, through networking, education, public awareness, marketing and government relations activities.
  • e-BC – providing e-business information services and resources dealing with the technological changes being driven by the Internet. Through on-line resources and in-class seminars, e-BC assists small business to adapt and grow.
  • FVTN (the Fraser Valley Technology Network) – located in Surrey, BC, is an industry group supporting Fraser Valley technology companies with regular opportunities to learn about building and financing their businesses, to meet with other tech companies and to network.
  • HiTechBC – a web portal gateway to BC high technology resources, web sites, events, companies and organizations.
  • MISTIC (the Mid-Island Science, Technology and Innovation Council) – located in Nanaimo, BC, supports mid-Vancouver Island and Sunshine Coast technology industry small business owners and entrepreneurs with networking, information, seminars and events.
  • NVBC (New Ventures BC) – the New Ventures BC “business plan” competition aids start-up entrepreneurs. Participants work at proving-up their ventures through seminars, mentoring and several rounds of competition. $135,000 in prizes.
  • T-Net – a web portal gateway serving the information and business services needs of the BC high tech industry.
  • TechVibes – an Internet web portal helping high-tech professionals and businesses network, both online and offline, through a combination of web site features and organized special events.
  • Vancouver Enterprise Forum – promoting information sharing and exchange, which educates and motivates, through hosting regular public forums for the BC technology enterprise community.
  • VIATec (the Vancouver Island Advanced Technology Center) – located in Victoria, BC, supports the development of the advanced technology industry in southern Vancouver Island with networking, information, seminars and events.



  • Industrial Research Assistance Program – managed through the National Research Council, IRAP can provide direct technical assistance; access to the latest technological advances, expertise, facilities, and resources, and; cost-shared financing of innovative technical projects.
  • “IP Toolkit” (Canadian Intellectual Property Office) – information and instruction on intellectual property rights and their protection. This web site is located on the Industry Canada “Strategis” web site (see below). The IP Toolkit includes limited on-line search access into the Canadian Patents Database.
  • Patex – provides intellectual property patent and trademark search and related consulting services.
  • Small Business BC – located in Vancouver, BC is a resource centre for business information and services. It offers a Resource Library, providing access to over 6000 publications and databases; personalized market research and business planning services; and, business seminars.
  • Strategis – the award-winning Web site of Industry Canada. It provides extensive business and consumer information, market research, business management tools, and government services.
  • Western Economic Diversification Canada – is a department of the Government of Canada whose mandate is to assist in strengthening the Western Canadian economy through information, business planning assistance, and financing. Web site features comprehensive online business tools and guides.


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