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Our work is governed by professional standards and by applicable laws and regulations. However, the trust of our clients, associates, and colleagues is based upon much more. This trust is based upon our integrity and ethics.

Our Code of Conduct extends our guiding values to ensure that we continually practice the highest standards of integrity and ethical conduct, and guides us as follows:

Trust Our actions are always purposeful in the context of our work, and are without deceit, deception or subterfuge. We strive to ensure that each client will always enjoy the exclusive and fullest benefit possible from our association.

Integrity Our actions are lawful and ensure the confidentiality and privacy of our clients and their interests, and of all others with whom we do business. We avoid conflicts of interest. If a conflict should arise in the course of any engagement, we will immediately notify the parties affected and take action to resolve the conflict to their complete satisfaction.

Competence We serve only those clients that we are competent to serve and who value our services on their behalf.

Professionalism We will compete vigorously, and work tirelessly on our clients' behalf, legally and ethically and to the best of our abilities, and in accordance with all relevant technical and professional standards.

Independence Objectivity is fundamental to the delivery of our services and to their ultimate value. To ensure our objectivity, we strive to preserve our independence of thought and action in everything we do.

Social responsibility Our actions are socially responsible and do not conflict with fundamental human rights or the health of the environment. We honour cultural diversity and tradition and support community service.

Honesty We meet our contractural obligations and charge honestly and fairly for our services. In our work, the receipt or payment of bribes is unacceptable.



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