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High Tech

Our high tech clients have included a variety of strategy, finance and corporate development assignments for:

  • A specialty ISP start-up, serving the Internet access needs of business guests in select hotel properties.

  • An established Alberta-based data storage business seeking $2.5 million for market expansion.

  • A BC-based applied R&D botanical products start-up seeking $1.0 million for R&D and market development.

  • A California-based applied R&D food supplement start-up seeking US $1.0 million to develop its business in the zero-calorie sweetener market.

  • A Canadian R&D company seeking US $16 million to finalize R&D and to initiate its market development efforts targeting global diesel-powered transport markets for its “bolt-on” hydrogen power technology.

  • A California-based Internet service provider seeking US $3 million for its US market expansion.

  • Several specialty Web portal site start-ups based in Canada and the US, each seeking US $1 million for development and marketing efforts.

  • An established Canadian software development firm, funded with US $3 million, undertaking expanded R&D efforts and planning initial market introduction.

  • A major North American hydro utility requiring reviews and/or opportunity assessments related to:
    1. Telecommunications markets.
    2. Power Smart energy management and conservation programs.
    3. Electric vehicle industry.
  • A US subsidiary of a large British multi-national, targeting Canadian and US markets for high tech cash handling and electronic security equipment and services.

  • An Ontario based high-tech joint venture seeking $2.5 million to build a 200-ton per day plant utilizing an innovative, closed system, thermophilic waste processing technology.

  • A hydro utility seeking US $7 million and championing an R&D venture that became the Machine Condition Monitoring Consortium.

  • An entrepreneur purchasing a hotel management software firm as a platform for very aggressive growth plans.

  • A specialty retailer providing video rental services utilizing leading edge computer technologies for point-of-sale transaction processing of upwards of 1 million transactions weekly and tracking 1.2 million video cassettes.

  • A hearing aid manufacturing and dispensing firm operating in distress.

  • High tech project planning and management assignments including:
    1. Resonance and vibration mitigation projects
    2. Advanced computer modeling initiatives
    3. Development of Web-browser enabled intranet and Internet sites to access specialized databases.
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