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Strategy and marketing

Select strategy and marketing planning assignments include:

  • Start-up of a specialty ISP serving the Internet accesss needs of business guests at select hotel properties.

  • North American market expansion of an established Alberta-based data storage business, seeking $2.5 million for development of new geographic and vertical market segments.

  • Start-up of a BC-based applied R&D botanical products venture, seeking $1 million to develop, grow, process, and market natural, plant-based, medicinal preparations.

  • Start-up of a California-based applied R&D food supplement business, seeking US $1 million to develop, grow, refine and market natural, plant-based, zero-calorie sweeteners.

  • Market introduction for a Canadian R&D company, seeking US $16 million to complete R&D commercialization and initial marketing of its proprietary, “bolt-on”, internal-combustion engine hydrogen power technology, targeting the substantial global diesel-powered transport marketplace.

  • Start-up of a corporate training firm, operating as a franchisor, which raised almost $2 million in funding and sold 30 franchises.

  • Growth of a California-based Internet service provider, seeking US $3 million for US market expansion.

  • Start-up of several specialty Web portal sites based in Canada and the US, each seeking US $1 million.

  • Expanded R&D development and initial market introduction of an established Canadian software development firm funded with US $3 million.

  • Reviews and/or opportunity assessments for a major North American hydro utility related to:
    1. Telecommunications markets.
    2. Power Smart energy management and conservation programs.
    3. Electric vehicle industry.

  • Market assessments for a US subsidiary of a large British multi-national including:
    1. Separate market assessment studies of the Canadian and US markets for cash handling and electronic security equipment and services in financial institutions.
    2. Strategies and acquisition candidates for Canadian market entry and expansion.
    3. Market impacts of US banking industry consolidation.

  • Mentoring of hi-tech startup companies, into the Top 10 finalists (out of about 150 competitors), in the "New Ventures BC" competition:
    1. An 'alternative energy' venture, seeking to harnesses the energy in the heaving motion of ocean waves, that placed in the Top 10 and won $30,000 (2005).
    2. A nano-technology venture, seeking to provide secure ID tagging , that placed in the Top 10 (2006).

These strategy and marketing planning "corporate development" projects involved:

  • Assisting with strategic planning and corporate structuring activities.
  • Preparing marketing and business plans targeted to investors.
  • Preparing comprehensive briefing notes and conducting presentations.

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