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Corporate Finance

Select corporate finance assignments include:

  • Directing all corporate finance activities for a US $60 million private equity financing sought for a large tropical hardwood timber concession in Papua New Guinea. The business, financial, legal and technical issues of the project, structured as a partnership with native landowners, involved significant governmental negotiations. The severe and protracted Asian economic downturn in 1997 collapsed all negotiations and prospects for venture capital funding.

  • Directing corporate finance activities which raised almost $2 million, through three separate private placements and an IPO, for a corporate training firm. Preparing filings and securing US and Canadian franchise registrations, and assisting in franchise marketing activities, which sold over 30 franchises.

  • Preparing funding documents and assisting in sourcing $2.5 million in public equity funding for a high-tech joint venture. The funding was used to build a 200-ton per day plant utilizing an innovative, closed system, thermophilic waste processing technology.

  • Directing due diligence preparations and assisting in presentations to North American institutional investors that secured US $5 million in private equity funding for a mining exploration venture in China.

  • Directing all aspects of planning, documentation and marketing of a US $7 million hydro utility R&D venture known as the Machine Condition Monitoring Consortium. Responsibilities included general project management; identifying, synthesising and documenting all critical business, marketing and technical issues; and, direct participation in securing consortium members and funding for the venture.

Mergers and acquisitions.

  • Assisted a biotech firm complete a NASDAQ reverse merger transaction (RTO). Concurrent with the RTO closing, the biotech concern completed a US $5 million financing.

  • Identifying Canadian acquisition candidates for a multinational supplier of high-tech equipment and services seeking to replace its Canadian distributor.

  • Directing all financial reporting activities supporting the cross-border mergers necessary to consolidate several Canadian and US limited partnerships.

  • Negotiating the purchase of a regional sales training business.

  • Identifying candidates and negotiating the purchase of a hotel management software firm.

  • Negotiating the purchase of an awards and corporate recognition business.

  • Negotiating a five year option–purchase agreement for a mineral exploration property in the North West Territories.

  • Negotiating a joint venture agreement for a wireless Internet access venture targeting hotel properties and the needs of business travellers.

  • Negotiating, on the behalf of a novel "building-toy" retailer, reorganization funding and a supplier arrangement covering outstanding accounts and the release of plastic injection molds.

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